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“When we fail to support caregivers, we put the caregiver and the care recipient at risk.”

– Gail Gibson Hunt, National Alliance for Caregiving

More than 40 million Americans are caregivers.

Nearly a third of them spend 62 hours per week—on average—caring for loved ones. Many expect to spend at least 10 years as a caregiver.

When asked, they say caregiving makes their health worse. They suffer high emotional stress. They leave their jobs. And they’re the backbone of the long-term care system.


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Online Support for Caregivers

In a survey by AgingCare.com of adult child caregivers summarized in the chart, two things stand out.

First, despite the very strong results for peer support in other studies, over 75% of these caregivers never even considered an in-person group.

Perhaps even more striking is that these caregivers turned more often to strangers in an online forum than to close friends and family, especially as weeks stretched into months.

In a similar study, 35% of caregivers said that access to support groups and networks of others providing elder care was very important.


PSS: an online alternative

PSS offers online support groups that have generated the same high levels of success as traditional, face-to-face peer support, with the schedule flexibility caregivers need.

We offer consistency by hiring only certified facilitators with lived experience, and by presenting evidence-based material that helps participants understand and deal with their situation. And a key aspect of peer support is the way participants can give back by sharing their experience and offering their empathy—which strengthens them in the process.

Our technical platform allows you to test alternative treatment models, You can relieve some of the pressure on the local caregiver by extending the care team to include other family members that may live geographically distant from the caregiver. And recent research indicates that web-enabled conversational interactions can improve cognitive functions in the elderly—another way to relieve caregiver stress.

Whether you’re looking for scheduled meetings, a warm line, or an extended caregiver team, PSS is your solution for caregiver support.