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Our purpose-built Support Groups Central platform is designed to manage all aspects of virtual support meetings. Features include the ability to describe services, provide meeting facilitator bios, schedule meetings, register participants, track usage, monitor participant feedback and provide customer service among a long list of options. This platform is being utilized by a variety of behavioral health, chronic disease and rare disease organizations and had helped individuals in over 100 countries. Please click here to set up a demo at a convenient time.



Our new SGC Training Center platform is being developed to provide educational programs for those suffering with behavioral health, chronic and rare diseases and for individuals providing services to that audience. The SGC Training Center manages registration, access to materials, tracks completion of key tasks and much more. It also serves as a portal to live class sessions which include a broad array of additional functions, e.g. breakout rooms, co-instruction, sharing videos, etc. If you would like to see a live demo of our Training Center please click here.