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Augmenting treatment with peer support can save you 40-70%.
Launch an online peer support program in weeks with PSS.



Be Part of the Revolution.

Multiple studies show that peer support can reduce hospital readmissions—as high as 70%—because it offers an effective treatment alternative.

Peer Support Solutions brings the power of peer support online. Our HIPAA-compliant video- and text-based platform allows you to reach anyone with access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. And our turnkey solutions allow you to launch a program tailored to your needs.

“Support Groups Central is the innovator in online peer support

– Customer Executive

Better Outcomes at Lower Cost

The cost advantages of peer support are well-established. Multiple studies have shown peer support reduces readmission and days of hospitalization, by as much as 73.3% and even small programs have saved millions of dollars.

Now Available to Anyone, Anywhere

You can now deliver the benefits of support groups online, to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Using our HIPAA-compliant video- and text-based platform lets you reach anyone regardless of location, mobility, or condition.

Flexible Solutions, Faster Launch

You can choose the level of service that fits your needs. Provide your own staff and content, or use our staff to create and operate your online support groups for you. Our implementation team will get you up and running quickly.

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